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Search Engine Optimization & Marketing for Law Firm Websites

We can help you dominate your market by targeting your keyword phrases.

If you are interested in marketing your law firm online, it is more than likely that you have heard about Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how they can affect your website. SEM is indeed a powerful tool when it comes to websites of any kind as it has become the most cost effective form of advertising available. Law Firm SEO is a leader in the field of lawyer website SEM, and our cutting edge tools and proven optimization process are able to push legal websites into the top slots on search results lists.

Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers

Search engine marketing or optimization refers to a set of methods aimed at getting a website ranked higher on search engine results. If your website is not on the first page of results, it is effectively invisible to potential clients, which makes this process absolutely crucial when it comes to expanding your law firm's business through internet marketing. There are numerous ways in which to optimize your site, and Law Firm SEO excels at each of them.

Legal Keyword Selection and Research

Keywords are essentially the words people will search to find your services in a search engine, such as "New York DUI Lawyer." Choosing and optimizing for the right keywords is one of the most important factors in the success of your website, and it can be a difficult, and time consuming process requiring extensive research and analysis of your competition. Keyword selection and research is something we pride ourselves on here at Law Firm SEO, and we are confident in our ability to select the right keywords for your law firm's website.

Optimized Law Firm Website Coding

Website coding is also an important part of search engine optimization. There are several things that must be done correctly to make your website more accessible to search engine spiders, including optimizing your navigation, META tagging, directories, and site maps. Some website production agencies will go too far in this area and create a website that is more appealing to search engine robots than it is to people! At Law Firm SEO, we know that in the end it is the human visitors to your website that will be spending money on your services, not the search engines, and we keep this in mind in our optimization process.

Content Optimization for Increased Visibility

Content is the most important part of just about any website - without it, there would be no reason for anyone to visit the website in the first place. At Law Firm SEO, we know that the first priority of your website's content is to provide information to your visitors. In the case of law firms, these visitors are potential clients, and your online content is a direct representation of your firm. At the same time, we also know how important optimizing content is with regard to getting your site high on the search rankings. We are experts at creating or modifying existing content so that it is optimized while retaining its professionalism and clarity.

Link Building with Legal News Websites and Blogs

One of the more important aspects of search engine optimization is the process of link building - getting your site linked up with other sites on the Internet. Search engines are an important source of traffic, but inbound links will often provide your website with a large proportion of your visitors. In addition, search engines place enormous value on links, viewing them as authorities that are vouching for your law firm's website, and consequently good links will reward you with higher rankings. Law Firm SEO's linking partnerships with seven major legal news websites and over sixty legal blogs ensure your website will be a well connected one.

Performance Tracking for your Law Firm's SEO Campaign

The final part of a good search engine optimization campaign is tracking your website's performance. Law Firm SEO's website performance tracking software enables us to continue to fine tune optimization efforts, and this data works hand in hand with pay per click campaigns as well. In addition to measuring the success of your SEO campaign, information such as visitor numbers, peak times, hourly traffic reports, and visitor information enables your website to become even more efficient.

Our clients who rank in the top results for their keywords bring in several new inquiries each day.

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